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November 6th!


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Message from the NVLPC President
Letter from the Leadership

Dear NVLPC Members,

I would like to thank all of the members who voted for the Executive
Board members for the upcoming 2015-2016 year.  It is my pleasure to serve once again as President alongside: Khara Randall as Vice President; Joan Normandy-Dolberg as Secretary; and Rebecca Hrabec as Treasurer.

NVLPC has been blessed with many hard-working people in our volunteer leadership. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to two of our most loyal and helpful volunteer board members who are stepping down this year:

Tamara Sheridan, has been our Events Director and West Events Chair for the past couple of years.  She has been vital in helping NVLPC coordinate all of the invaluable presentations and speakers for both the east and west locations.  Tamara also stepped in to help as acting Treasurer when we needed her.
Sharon Watson has been Director of Education and Supervision Chair for two years.  She worked diligently to ensure that NVLPC members who were eligible to conduct supervision knew the state regulations for supervision.  She also maintained the NVLPC Supervisor Finder.  Although she is leaving the position of Director of Education, she will continue on as Supervision Chair.

I would like to give them a great thank you from all of us in NVLPC.  We all appreciate the hard work you both have given us throughout the past few years!

There are a few more volunteers who have given their time and dedication over the past year that we all must give thanks to!  Aneliz Sipe, who served as Multicultural Chair, and Elizabeth Hatchuel, who was our Resident in Counseling Support in the East, will also be departing for the upcoming year.  In the west, Elizabeth Ozalas and Nina Flowers coordinated networking opportunities.  Please join me in showing our appreciation for all of their help by saying thank you when you see them at our upcoming events this year!

NVLPC has many new volunteers that we would like to introduce as well.  We welcome Ashley Rushing, who will be serving as our new Events Director for the upcoming year.  Spearheading networking opportunities this year will be Meladie Gey-Burke, Tara Filmyer, Aneliz Sipe, Sarah Keely, Corliss Gillespie, Sharon Perrine, and Jerri Shannon.  Kathryn Comisarow will be working with the Resident in Counseling support group in the West.  Thank you all for volunteering to help our organization grow in new and exciting ways!

We are quickly approaching our 2015-2016 NVLPC season!  If you are interested in helping out this upcoming season, please let us know! The current positions available are Director of Education, West Events Chair, and Multicultural Chair.  Please email Amy Parks at to find out where your talents can help!


John-Mike Nelson
NVLPC President

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