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Student Scholarship Essay competition.  The topic may be on any counseling subject that interests you.

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Message from the NVLPC President
Letter from the Leadership

Dear NVLPC Members,

The NVLPC leadership team wishes you Happy New Year! We hope you had a chance for reflection about the past year. How did you spend it? What were your successes and challenges? As counselors, we spend most of our time caring for others. Even when we do introspection, oftentimes it is with our clients in mind. Why am I reacting to this client in this way? How are my beliefs interfering with the therapeutic process? How do I control my emotions not to affect my client? Where are we in that thought process?

Self care is vital in our profession. Without it, we run the risk of burn out. Burn out is our worst nightmare. We can become negative, irritable, and ultimately our clients can be affected. We tell our clients to moderate, create work-personal life boundaries, relax, etc. We encourage them to write gratitude lists, make changes to make them happier, and find ways to improve the problems they find in the daily lives. As counselors, we need to do the same and take some time to review our own lives. As this new year begins, this is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Take some time for yourselves. Our clients are only getting the best care if we care for ourselves. Take this time to relax, spend time with renewal in mind, and seek balance for the upcoming challenges.


John-Mike Nelson
NVLPC President


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