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I HAVE QUESTIONS! Please help?
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5/13/2014 at 6:05:38 PM GMT
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I HAVE QUESTIONS! Please help?

Do you have technical questions about the NVLPC website?

Ask them!

We’re all intelligent, well-educated professionals and students here…if one of you has a question, or finds something difficult to navigate on the website, you won’t be the only one.  Help your fellow members, and be bold--ask on the Forums, where others can see it.  Forum topics are organized and easily searchable, so even old questions with new relevance can help someone else, much later.

Feel free to answer the questions of others, or to reply with more questions!  Do you know a link that will give the members the answer?  Put it in your reply!  If a question is posted in the Technical Help Forum, here, and it looks like it belongs in the FAQ, when the answer is clear, we'll add it to the FAQ.  Members may ask and answer any posts, and NVLPC Leadership will also respond when appropriate.

Do you want to know when replies are posted?  Subscribe to that Forum by clicking the "Forum Actions" button at the top of an open Forum or Topic.  A menu will open, and you can click, "Subscribe to Instant Updates."  When you subscribe to a Forum, you will get an email any time someone posts to any Topic in that Forum.  When you subscribe to a Topic, you will only get emails for new posts in that particular thread.  You may subscribe to as many or as few topics as you wish, and you can always manage your subscriptions, and unsubscribe, if traffic gets too much, or if you just aren't interested in that topic any longer.

Got a question?  Try searching for the answer, using the "Search Forums" window right next to the "Forum Actions" button on the gray bar near the top of this Forum, or start a new thread by creating a new Topic, or if you want, you can even just reply to this post with a new question.

3/28/2017 at 12:35:57 AM GMT
Posts: 1
I am trying to renew my membership after a year or two hiatus. The site won't let me renew my membership but wants me to register as a new member. Also when I fill out the forms it takes me to I am already a member.
Has any one else had trouble renewing an old membership while the site insists the membership is current?AN

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