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How to send bulk email from the administrative side
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7/24/2014 at 8:36:26 PM GMT
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How to send bulk email from the administrative side

Sending a bulk email:  First do a back-end “Community Search” to generate the list of who the bulk mail will go to.


1.  Check top choice of “Members” “Non-Members” or “Both” and the default, if you do not choose, is “Members”

      a.  If you want to send to every possible email address, put “Both”

      b.  If you want to send to all members, “Members” 


2.  If you will only be sending to leadership, Search for “Members” then check off the box GROUP box that you want, “Full NVLPC Leadership” or just “Voting Leadership.”  “NVLPC Volunteers” is not a group that is being used yet, but is set up for when we have more volunteers, and members who are interested in volunteering. 


3.  For Members or Everyone, then go to the bottom, and on these three, make sure it says “Does not matter.”


Approval Status

Non-Member Status


4.  If you want to send to a specific Member Type, check off those.  But otherwise, you can just skip everything else, and click Search.



5.  When your results are generated, there will be a box called “Search Results Options” and an option will be “Bulk Email All XXX Records.”  Click that link.



6.  Next screen offers you a Template choice.  Scroll down to Letter from the President template.  (I’ve been on Amy and Sheila to delete templates we aren’t using, but that hasn’t happened, and the menu is obnoxious right now.)

        a. Click Continue.



7.  Select a category, fill the From box as necessary, (To: is predetermined by your search above), write a Subject ("NVLPC" is not automatically added, so I always make sure it is in the subject).


8.  Edit your email.  You can use the macros in the email like @@first_name@@ listed at the bottom or the page. When you are ready to send (a test or the real one) Click Submit to get to the sending page.  Pop-up box, click OK.



9. Now you are on the page to send the email.  You can submit a test email, to send it to yourself, to check it out before sending to everyone.  If you feel it needs more editing, check Edit this Bulk E-mail Job.  If you are ready to send it, check the circle, I agree to the terms below, place in queue to be sent.  There will be one more pop-up box asking if you are certain, you are.  Done.

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