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Getting Best Results When Searching 0 N. Leadership The new website has a few ways to do searches.  The simplest one, is to just put in a keyword or two into the search bar, on the top-right area of the website.  This way of searching is able to search not only the individual items on member profiles, but also the written statements members add to their profiles.  The search bar also searches the entire website, so it will bring up information beyond just the members’ profiles. The biggest downside to using the general search bar, is specificity.  For example, if someone is looking for DC and a member has D.C. in their profile, it will not show up.  Or if a member’s profile has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder written in the statement, and has ADHD checked off in their profile, but someone searches for ADD, that member will not show up in the search results. One way to help with that issue is for members to add lots of keywords to their statements on their profiles.  For the person doing the search, using the Custom Filter Member Search page at or the Therapist Finder at gives sets of prompts and drop-down menus that match specific sections of the profiles. Have technical questions about the website?  Ask them in the FAQ or Technical Questions sections.
by N. Leadership
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
How to print your own CE certificate. 0 S. Widawsky This is a video showing how to print your own certificate from your profile on this website. You can click on the embedded video, or if you would like, you can download the video in the link below.Much easier to see if you make "full screen" by clicking the icon on the bottom-right of the screen that looks like four corners of a frame.To print your own certificate, you must be signed in.  First, hover over the menu item on the left, "My Events" and when "My Certificates" pops open, click on it.  Then click on the icon of the printer, next to the CE certificate you want to print.  The video gives full information on how to do this.  You can also get to the page through your "Manage Profile" link on the right, under "YOU ARE SIGNED IN."
by S. Widawsky
Saturday, April 12, 2014
How to Update Profile 0 S. Widawsky When NVLPC migrated your membership data into the new website, only the basic data was brought over.  Names, membership, contact info, ID and password.Unfortunately, there is no way for us to migrate all the details, or the photos.In the new website, each member will need to update their own profile with all the details.  Luckily, it is easy.  And, there is a new feature on this website, members can edit their information visibility.  If you want to make your home phone number visible to signed-in members only, but hide your address, you can do that.  If you want to make your office address visible to the public for the "Therapist Finder" or the general "Search" box, but you only want your email available to members, you can do that.To update your profile, please follow these steps:Sign in to the website.Click the link on the right that says, "Manage Profile"Click "Edit Bio"This will open up an editable profile for you.  Here you can put in all the information you wish to.Make sure to set your profile to be included or not (as you wish) on the Therapist Finder and on the Member Directory, at the bottom of the page.Make sure to check "Yes" for the disclaimer.If you want to identify some of your information's visibility, at the line where that information is listed, hover over the lock icon on the left, and click the visibility level you choose (not visible, visible to members only, visible to everyone).Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom!To upload a photo of yourself:Click on "Profile Home"Hover over the place where your picture goesAn icon of a paper and pencil will show up, click on itThat opens a page that offers you two buttons, "browse" and "submit"Use "browse" to find the photo you want to upload on your computerWhen you've uploaded it, click "submit"Search terms:head shotheadshothow do Iwhat do I doedit my profileupdate my profile
by S. Widawsky
Friday, March 14, 2014
How to Log In / Sign In to the New Website 0 S. Widawsky NVLPC has made a new website, and it has the same Member Login process as the old website.To sign in, use the email address you always use for your NVLPC login ID, and use the password that you always use.  If you do not remember your password, just click "Forgot your password?" link, and the program will automatically send you an email with a link you can use to create a new password.If you aren't sure what email address you were using for your NVLPC account, you can try different ones, the program will not lock you out.  But if you cannot figure it out, please email and ask what email we have on file for you.  This is not automated! Please include your full name in your email. Someone will get back to you usually within 24 hours.To make sure this FAQ can be found by most searches in the Forum, the phrases below have been added to this post.How do I log in?How do I sign in?What is my ID?What is my NVLPC id?logging insigning inloginlogoutlog outI can't figure out how to log innot workingwhat am I doing wrong?Is my ID the same as my email address?
by S. Widawsky
Friday, March 14, 2014
How to use the Forums 0 S. Widawsky Quick Overview: How to Use the Forums A forum is similar to an email listserv like Yahoo Groups, except that the content is separated by categories and sub-categories, and is searchable.Only NVLPC members who are signed in to the website can post and respond to forum threads.  The website displays the first forum category, "Website Questions and Comments" so that members can read about website technical issues without having to sign in.  The rest of the forum categories and sub-categories are only visible to members after they log in to the site.To open a forum, click on the title of the sub-category you are interested in.  When you click open a forum, you will see something like this (note, this is not active, just a copy to show you what it looks like):Chat with Each Other About the New Website Forum Index » Chat with Each Other About the New Website Moderator(s): Shulamit Widawsky Page 1 of 1 Forum Actions New Topic Topics Replies Score Author Latest Post Welcome! 0 S. Widawsky  It shows you what topics have already been posted, the original author, who made the latest post to that topic, etc.To search the forum, put in a key word or phrase that you are looking for, like "profile picture" or "hypnotherapy" and click the magnifying glass icon.To open the topic, click the title.  To start a new topic, click "New Topic" and a window will open.  There you will give your new topic a title, and then in the large text box, you can write your post.  When you are done writing, click "Submit Post" at the bottom.To reply to a post, you can use the "quick reply" box at the bottom of the post you are reading, or you can click the "Reply" link to open a fully featured text editor. You may also attach images and other files to a post.Posts in the "Website Questions and Comments" section will remain visible to non-members and members who are not signed in.  All posts in the remaining categories are only visible to NVLPC members after they have signed in.You can subscribe to threads so that you will get an email "ping" when someone posts in it, or replies to a post.By the way, the Thread Score that looks like this:    always starts at 2.5 stars.  This is the way the website is programmed.  To "up-vote" a post, click the thumbs up icon.If you want to write a post in fancy formatting or with pictures or graphics, that you have elsewhere on your computer, copy what you want to paste, click the clip-board icon, and choose "Paste from Word" even if you are not using MS Word.  A dialog box will pop open, and you can paste your copy into it.  Then click "OK" and your formatted post will show up in the forum editor.This information will get you started.  If you have specific questions, "reply" to this post, and ask your questions!If there is a problem with the forums, please alert the webmaster, by emailing  
by S. Widawsky
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
How to send bulk email from the administrative side 0 N. Leadership Sending a bulk email:  First do a back-end “Community Search” to generate the list of who the bulk mail will go to.  1.  Check top choice of “Members” “Non-Members” or “Both” and the default, if you do not choose, is “Members”      a.  If you want to send to every possible email address, put “Both”      b.  If you want to send to all members, “Members”   2.  If you will only be sending to leadership, Search for “Members” then check off the box GROUP box that you want, “Full NVLPC Leadership” or just “Voting Leadership.”  “NVLPC Volunteers” is not a group that is being used yet, but is set up for when we have more volunteers, and members who are interested in volunteering.   3.  For Members or Everyone, then go to the bottom, and on these three, make sure it says “Does not matter.” Suspended Approval Status Non-Member Status  4.  If you want to send to a specific Member Type, check off those.  But otherwise, you can just skip everything else, and click Search.----------------------------- 5.  When your results are generated, there will be a box called “Search Results Options” and an option will be “Bulk Email All XXX Records.”  Click that link.----------------------------- 6.  Next screen offers you a Template choice.  Scroll down to Letter from the President template.  (I’ve been on Amy and Sheila to delete templates we aren’t using, but that hasn’t happened, and the menu is obnoxious right now.)        a. Click Continue.------------------------------ 7.  Select a category, fill the From box as necessary, (To: is predetermined by your search above), write a Subject ("NVLPC" is not automatically added, so I always make sure it is in the subject). 8.  Edit your email.  You can use the macros in the email like @@first_name@@ listed at the bottom or the page. When you are ready to send (a test or the real one) Click Submit to get to the sending page.  Pop-up box, click OK.------------------------------ 9. Now you are on the page to send the email.  You can submit a test email, to send it to yourself, to check it out before sending to everyone.  If you feel it needs more editing, check Edit this Bulk E-mail Job.  If you are ready to send it, check the circle, I agree to the terms below, place in queue to be sent.  There will be one more pop-up box asking if you are certain, you are.  Done.
by N. Leadership
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Distance Counseling - online or otherwise 0 E. Dunn This thread was moved to "Member to Member Discussions".  Please post responses there.
by E. Dunn
Monday, July 7, 2014
Yoga Therapy 0 S. Nixon NEW! We now have a Yoga Therapist at our NOVA Integrative Therapy Center. Kim Weidman is a certified trauma sensitive yoga therapist. She sees clients who have experienced trauma, as well as clients with anxiety and depression. She will work adjunctively with the primary care therapist.  Call for more information: 703.729.0505
by S. Nixon
Monday, July 7, 2014
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