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What is an Event Attendee?
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 What is an "Event Attendee"?
It is a registration level, not an actual membership
It does not generate "Membership Discounts" on events

To register as an Event Attendee, click here.

If you want to register for an event hosted by NVLPC, we require that you be registered on our website as an "Event Attendee" in order to register for an event.  Registering as an Event Attendee does not cost anything.  It does insure that if the event is cancelled, or if new information or reminders will be sent out to everyone who has registered, that you will get that information.  It also automatically adds you to the NVLPC mailing list (which you can unsubscribe from, without affecting your status as an Event Attendee). 

Importantly, Event Attendees can log on to their profile, and print up their Continuing Education certificates.

If you were registered as a regular member of NVLPC in the past, as an LPC member, a Student member, or any other paid membership, and you let your membership lapse, your membership automatically drops down to an "Event Attendee." Unfortunately, on your profile, it tells you that you do not have to renew your membership, because the website views "Event Attendee" as a type of membership.  This is something that the website does, and at this time is not editable by NVLPC.

To upgrade your membership to a paid level from Event Attendee: Sign in to your profile, click the "Membership Info" link on the right, and then click "Upgrade My Membership Now."  Then choose the type of membership you want to upgrade to.  If you want an LPC membership, choose LPC, etc.  Do not pick the type you want, under the heading "Event Attendee."  If after upgrading your membership, you find you have a problem, please contact us.  Presently, the system is a little wonky.  We're working on improving it.

Paid memberships generate "member discounts" on the price of events. 
Event Attendee status does not.

To register as an Event Attendee, click here.

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