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How to Join NVLPC

Welcome to NVLPC, Northern Virginia's professional organization for mental health counselors and counseling students.

How to Join

On this page are links to the various member types for NVLPC. Choose the membership that suits you, and click the button to start you on the registration process. If you are not sure which member type is right for you, this page has lots of information

If you have any questions, email our membership committee at

Basic NVLPC membership types fees, click the button you want, to begin your registration:



Currently Licensed Professional Counselor


Currently licensed mental health professional


Other interested professionals


Resident in Counseling mental health professional


Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, and who are not already licensed as a mental health professional


Retirees from the counseling field


PLUS Membership

We also have the option to have a blog or web pages editable by you, on the webpage.  To get this option, join with an NVLPC "Plus" membership types.  Description and chart of PLUS membership benefits.

The PLUS also has the ability to have your own URL to your web pages that reads right on the website! You can use this URL on your own business cards, and those pages have your own content.


Currently Licensed Professional Counselor


Currently licensed mental health professional


Other interested professionals


Resident in Counseling mental health professional


Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or master's program, and who are not already licensed as a mental health professional


Retirees from the counseling field


If you do not wish to join NVLPC at this time, but want to attend an event, Click here to register as Event Attendee



Licensed Professional Counselors in Northern Virginia join NVLPC, because they appreciate having a local professional organization where they can earn their CE’s, find other LPC’s to engage with for professional needs, publicize their own specializations to other counselors and counseling organizations, and meet other mental health professionals for both professional and social common interests.

Counseling students often join NVLPC so they can most easily attain Virginia-specific information, support, and supervision help. Although some counseling students also join national counseling organizations, like AMHCA or the ACA, it is not necessary to join one of them to be part of our regional counseling organization.

Other professional members are neither counselors nor counseling students, but work as adjuncts to counselors, like coaches, educational consultants, hoarding specialists, etc. We also have members who are licensed as other mental health professionals besides LPCs, like MSW’s, neuropsychologists, and even medical doctors. NVLPC is proud to offer education and ease of finding referrals, to professionals who need mental health information, but are not LPC’s.

Retired LPCs remain members, or become members, because they love the field, and want to remain actively involved.


Professional Services and Benefits of Membership

Monthly Speakers, CE’s

NVLPC offers monthly speaker meetings from September through June in Springfield and Dulles. The topics are relevant to areas of professional development and current clinical issues. Presenters are recognized regionally and nationally in the mental health field, and attendees receive a certificate with 2 contact hours for CE’s.

Special Workshops, Training and Seminars

These offer extended opportunities for LPCs to acquire specific knowledge and skill development, and may also support them in obtaining the necessary CE’s to maintain licensure. These are usually 3 to 6 contact hours.

Opportunities for Leadership

NVLPC offers the opportunity to serve and give back to the organization and the community with positions available on more than 15 committees. Serving on a committee is an excellent way to network with other LPCs, and to use your gifts and skills in a professional organization dedicated to Northern Virginia LPCs.As a benefit for serving, committee members earn CE’s each year.


NVLPC provides a bi-monthly newsletter to keep members informed about professional opportunities, issues related to licensure, managed care, and legislation on state and national levels. Information on upcoming trainings and events (e.g., peer support groups and Board meetings) is also included. We solicit and publish articles from members and selected others about their clinical expertise and experiences in counseling. The newsletter facilitates development of peer support and mentoring of graduate students and non-licensed therapists who are working toward licensure. The bulletin board portion of the newsletter is available for free for members to post brief notices about positions and office space availability. Paid advertising space is also available.


Our user friendly website facilitates communication and disseminates information to meet the specific needs of NVLPC members and the public.Functionality includes everything that the newsletter provides and membership functions such as real time updating of your membership information and registering for events. There is a Member Directory for searching for members and a Therapist Finder for referrals.

Online Membership Directory

Members can choose to be listed in our online Membership Directory,available to NVLPC members only.


NVLPC offers various networking and mentoring opportunities for its members,including students, pre-licensure support, and licensed counselors.Opportunities include creating sub-groups for locality, client population served, therapeutic techniques…there are many options for starting an online group with real life gatherings. There is also networking through monthly events, as well as utilizing our website’s Membership Directory and Therapist Finder.

Peer Support Groups

NVLPC facilitates peer support through networking groups to mentor new clinicians. There is a specific commitment to reach out to clinicians who serve non-English speaking and handicapped clients.


NVLPC maintains a database of verified supervisors and is searchable through the Supervisor Finder. The database contains those individuals who met all the NVLPC requirements. To find out how be verified and listed in the Supervisor Finder go to How to Become an NVLPC Verified Supervisor.

Note: Some NVLPC members who provide supervision are not in the Supervisor Finder because they have not completed the NVLPC verification requirements.

Therefore, if you are looking for a supervisor, ask that potential supervisor if they have met the Virginia State Board of Counseling requirements, if their license is current, and if their liability insurance is current.

Resources for Graduate Counseling Students and Faculty

  • The Student Development Committee provides outreach to local graduate students and faculty.
  • Our committee members are available to visit your Chi Sigma Iota chapter meeting or your classroom to discuss the journey toward becoming a professional counselor.
  • Our speakers share their professional development experience from graduation to licensure; they provide resource lists; they explain the committee’s Mentoring Program and offer a question/answer period.
  • We have regular visits to Marymount University, George Washington University, and Virginia Tech University.
  • The Student Development Mentoring Subcommittee links students with an NVLPC member.
  • These relationships provide an opportunity to students to develop a professional friendship that can offer a great deal of support.
  • Mentors are able to help students think through the processes and decisions related internships, residencies and establishing private practices.
  • Every mentoring relationship is unique to the dyad, and so the depth and breadth of the knowledge exchanged is unique to each situation.
  • Our committee has opportunities available for students to become more involved in a volunteer capacity.
  • Please contact us at for additional information.


Pre-license Support Group

The Pre-license support group is split into 2 groups, serving the East and West regions of the area. They assist in the process of receiving your LPC License, from graduation through examination. Monthly meetings include guest speakers, working through supervisor issues as well as tips for applying for the exam, preparation for the exam, reviewing study techniques, and offering resources.

Please contact us at or for additional information.


Government Relations and Advocacy

NVLPC disseminates information from state and national organizations. This information is usually time specific to particular legislation or policy issues in the State of Virginia or in the Federal Government. Legislative or Informational Alerts are sent out to encourage involvement or action by professionals on behalf of their clients and our profession. Specific issues of current interest are Medicare inclusion of Masters level clinicians, managed care accountability, and adherence to Fair Business Practices.


Online Therapist Finder

Members can choose to be listed in our online Therapist Finder on our website. The Therapist Finder can help an NVLPC member or the public find an appropriate therapist to meet their specific needs.


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Online Board Meeting

Online Board Meeting

Online Board Meeting

NVLPC Members, request to join our Yahoo Group here!